August Green Corn 1993

Marcine Quenzer

As sister to Susie Lord Hamilton, whose mother is Rosie Lord, whose Grandmother is Amanda Bearskin Greenback, whose mother is Rosie Fox Bearskin, whose mother is Amanda Whitewing Fox, the Seneca Cauyga Deer Clan.

I was given the name


meaning is

“Creator will answer his way”

Adoption Ceremony officiated by Hubert Sky, Six Nation's Faithkeeper

Other Adoptions:

1993 Adopted by “Uncle” Nahum Hersom, Ojibwa, Boise, Idaho. Uncle taught me to dance in the old
tradition of his childhood.

  • I was adopted by my sister Tammi Christianson of the Mowa Choctaw Band, Emmett, Idaho.
  • 1999 September Adopted as “Sister” in Medicine Ceremony by my brother Bill King, Apache, Shaman in Tuba City, Arizona, and my brother Potawatamie, Shaman Ron Wahwasuck.
  • 2000, Mother's Day Adopted “Sister” by my brother Leonard “Catfish” Smith, a Quapaw and Seneca Cayuga whose mother is Maude Bomberry Smith, in a public ceremony at the Elder’s Celebration, Wyandotte, Ok.