2006 Blog

Gathering of Peacemakers
September 4
, San Lorenzo Park, Santa Cruz, Ca.

I really wanted to go to this Gathering of Peacemakers. It was Concert of One Love being held by the Roskinds whom I had met in New York. By the time I knew I was going to be able to go, I was too late to get a turn at the podium but I set up my travel display which was viewed by more people than any venue yet. As I sat on the hillside with my Dagnee, an Indian approached me and said “come with me, I have something to show you”. I followed Blue Thunder out to the parking lot. He lifted up his car trunk and began to down load to me what he is doing. Several hours later, he quit the down load, and my head was swimming with too much information. But out of this information he is saying the same things my guides had been telling me for 20 years. The Native Americans had the ceremonies to heal the Earth Mother. A connection was made as I realized he had a lot of the same information from spirit that I had. Blue Thunder told me that I was the one he was to meet at this event. The gathering was a wonderful day of music alternating with Community Peace Leaders talking about Peace.

PS. At this time there was no way to know that Blue Thunder would start a whole new chapter of my life... and whole new website. Please visit www.EarthMotherCrying.org. My meeting him will take up a lot of time recorded in this website during 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010.

ANDREE MORGANA I had met Andree on the www and then face to face at Onondaga. She "incorporates" Hayenwentha at Hiawatha Institute in San Francisco. This was my first chance to see what she does and how it works. She had two ceremonies coming up that I could participate in while she had arranged two exhibits for me. One was at the Dominican University in San Rafael, Ca. for the Annual International Conference on the Study of Shamanism. What photos I took seemed to have disappeared. Here are some photos from a Condor and Eagle Ceremony where she incorporated Hayenwentha. It was interesting as she is a tiny diminutive human but when incorporating Hayenwentha, she seemed about 6 feet tall with a very square jaw.
Gathering flowers for the condor part of the ceremony. We got so involved with the ceremony that I forgot to take any other pictures. At incorporation and healing ceremony at the Hiawatha Institute.
MIWOK PARK MIWOK POW WOW I spent the weekend at a Miwok Pow wow in Miwok Park. Here I ran into Albert Martinez who was MC for the pow wow. Albert was one of the people from our old Painted Horse group in Boise Idaho. Water had gone under the bridge and things had moved along for both of us.
Set up at Miwok Park. Me and Albert Martinez, now a Peace Troubadour Traditional Miwok Dances at
Pow wow.
I enjoyed my time with Andree but it was soon time to head home to Boise once again. On the way home, I chose to go by Mt. Shasta. I drove about half way up and stopped to let Dag out for a bit. Once out, he wouldn’t get back in. I did me a personal ceremony to let the spirits of the Mountain know I had come to pay respects and anchored that whirling rainbow there on the side of Mt. Shasta. So finally as the sun set, I got Dag loaded and headed home.
Headed toward Mt. Shasta Whirling Rainbow Ceremony Headed down Mt. Shasta.
, Exhibit of Original Paintings and Artifacts of a Living People
Gallery space; more paintings on other walls. Seneca Wyandotte Winnebago
Contemporary appliqué beaded woman traditional set Cornhusk dolls
Visitors with me and Winnebago Elder Nahum Hersom Me Baskets include slippery elm pail,
and basket made by Seneca Elder
Josephine Cata.
It was during this time that I decided that I needed to concentrate on getting my paintings done so that I could do a book and so the next year found me painting, painting, painting.