2004 Summer Tour of New York in Memoirs
Of Marcine "Neawese" Quenzer

Post Script::

Being broke and in debt from the wonderful summer, I could not leave for home until funds were acquired. I did a Mind, Body, and Spirit Show in Syracuse, drawing spirit guides and giving spirit guide readings. I had the money to go home at the end of the show.

I got into the show at the last moment which rarely happens but for me seemed to happen all the time during this tour in NY. I knew I had to be at this show. The Facilitator of the show knew I was to be there. But when it came to getting there…. It was like something did not want that to happen. I had the car loaded by 3 PM but then I could not get the rear electric window to go up. Finally when that did work by holding ones mouth just right, I jumped in and pulled out of David’s driveway. I drove a couple hundred feet and ran out of gas just across the street from the gas station. A young man tried to help me push that GMC boat up the hill to the gas station but it wasn’t going to happen. Now a cop stopped. He had a police dog with him and could not help but when I started home to get a gas can, I fell flat on my face, tearing my jeans and my knee and my hand, he called another officer. This one took me home, took me to the gas station, and filled my tank for me…… then when I took the can from him, I dumped the remaining gas on myself. Now I had to go back to David’s and return the gas can and change my gassy smelling wet clothes. AT 6 PM, I was finally leaving Albany for Syracuse. Fully and totally frustrated, I was determined that nothing would keep me from this show.

Sample guide drawing (leaving this website)

At the show, a woman, a Light worker, came to me and said her guide wanted me to see him. The drawing was unusual as it was a full pencil portrait instead of the colorful simplified pieces that was the hall mark of this channeled work. This guide had recognized me and wanted me to recognize him. The holographic image of a Native American guide gave me three names; Two Feathers, Crazy Bear, and made me aware of the third but would not give it to me. Another name came to my mind…. That of the Peacemaker. I was busy so I really did not think much more about it.

When I got home, I had an email waiting for me. The guide was Mad Bear Anderson, the Tuscarora prophet who passed in 1983. Through this woman, he gave me a new interpretation for the “Prophecy” painting I had done. The woman and I had discussed the Prophecy and she bought one of the prints. This new interpretation now answered some of my concerns about previous interpretations. I was thrilled to have made this connection.

As I headed out of NY, I stopped by Kanasiohareke. It had closed but the gift shop was open and I spent some time visiting there, then I went on to the Katarina Shrine, but it was closed up tight. All the times that David and I went by the Shrine but it seemed that we were always late for whatever and so there was not the opportunity to “sightsee” the rich historical monuments.

Next I stopped at the Turning Stone Casino of the Oneida. There I walked through it and looked at it. I don’t gamble with money but the building and grounds were impressive. I visited with the girls in the gift shop. Everything was already decorated for Christmas….. an Indian Casino festively decked out with trees, lights and bulbs and elves….. beautiful building and grounds…. And steady construction from the looks of it.

Turning Stone Casino, Oneida Nation Christmas Inside the Bandits

Having been Mormon a good share of my life, I could not possibly spend all this time in NY without visiting their sacred places. I swung by Hill Cummorah. I always wanted to feel the sacred hill (mound) of the Mormons. I really do not know what I expected. The hill was green covered with trees, with this beautiful Visitor’s Center at it’s foot. I visited with the missionaries inside sharing the story of the Peacemaker. But I did not get a chance to walk upon the hill or to meditate. The day was cold and windy. Not really a day for taking a leisurely walk and prayer even on a sacred hill.

Visitor Center at Hill Cummorah Temple Sacred Grove

Then I went down the road a couple of miles to the homestead of Joseph Smith where I toured his cabin and his later home and the Sacred Grove. His homestead and then his later home were all furnished and finished according to the time period. Old wooden criss-cross fences outlined the fields and orchards. I wanted to see and feel the Sacred Grove where Joseph got his miraculous visitations. I was most disappointed. The Sacred Grove is not a spot but an entire acreage of trees. Yes there are spots all over with trails and benches but near as I could tell the exact spot where all this transpired is not noted. While doing this, the weather got even colder, grayer and began to threaten rain. I had to hurry as I still wanted time to make Ganondagon. This was November just before Thanksgiving, everything was brown and long past the lushness of summer. Nonetheless, the Sacred Grove had the most incredible aroma of the natural vegetation. They did make note however that part of the Grove was Old Growth Forest while portions of it were young trees. An orchard area looked like the trees were quite young also. But it was easy to see the pioneering spirit imprinted in the remnants of the historical buildings and lay of the land with its crops, orchards and fencing. The missionaries there were older folks who were so warm and friendly. They would be fun to work with doing such a labor of love and that spirit exuded from them. I hope to go back next summer and have the time to really visit and enjoy the spirit there.

Joseph Smith's Homestead Living Space Leanto
The New House The Kitchen Bedroom
The Barn In Barn Above Tack Room Tack Room
Barrel Making Shop Stumps for Barrels old log trough

Ganondagon was a very close 15 miles away. I came in the back way and had to search for it but I did find it and again disappointed…it had closed in October. They had a historical building where the manager lived so it was off limits. A small gift shop was closed but in a side building where it looked as though they may give classes, a young man invited me in and let me mill around and take pictures, and answered my 52 questions the best that he could. I knew the chances were slim but I had hoped to run into Pete Jemison. He had done a lot of research on the Peace Woman and I believe was the one who discovered a grave with a lot of freshwater pearls in at or near Gonondagon which has led to the belief that a Peace Woman, if not the Jikohnsaseh of the Peacemaker time, was buried there. To ask him my 52 questions would be perfect. Here there was very little about the Great Peace Woman. It is hailed as most likely her burial place but they only mention her, intimating that her name is in the same league as the Peacemaker. This hushed attitude may have contributed to the demise of her history and the people’s knowledge of her, making her a slighted, if not nearly totally forgotten culture heroine. The other disappointment, the longhouse was 16th century, and in no way carried the energy of the ancient longhouse replica at Six Nations. I wanted a connection….. I wanted something…… and between the increasing cold and the now rainy grayness, there was not opportunity to seek that something……. And so I left at dark headed homeward.

Class Room Statue Commemorating 16th Century Longhouse