Summer 2007

April 7 Native American Coalition of Boise
Presentation at 4 at American Legion Hall, 22 West Broadway, Meridian, Idaho

April 21 Earth Day Ann Morrison Park by the Tennis Courts

Melt helping out. Earth Day People

April 29 Idaho Dowsers Society
2-5 at Sockeye Grill, Boise, Idaho. Presentation will be Power Point on Sacred Sites

May 1-31 Four Rivers Museum and Cultural Center, Ontario Oregon
Display of original paintings of The Epoch Journey of the
Peacemaker no charge but donations will go toward Japanese
May 3 5:30 to 8 PM Artist Reception
May 13 2-3:30 PM power point presentation at Four Rivers
May 4 storytelling at Cinco De Mayo at the College Quad.
Cultural Center and Museum

Four Rivers Museum My Friend Robert who help
ed hang the exhibit.

July 27 7:00 PMSpirit@Work Books and Beyond 710 N. Orchard
Power Point Presentation on Earth Wisdom

July 29<2:00 to 4:00 pm, at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, on 6200 Garrett St., in Garden City
Power Point Presentation on Peacemaker Teachings with Earth Wisdom.

September 1-30- Hispanic Cultural Center - The Epoch of the Peacemaker- Original Paintings of the series from the Peacemaker Epoch of the Haudenosaunee.

September 1-30 Nampa Civic Center - The Art of Marcine Quenzer: Native American subject matter and Indian artifacts on display.

Upper Left: Example of cloth dress with facet bead dance plate and contemporary beadwork on two bags and dance traditional Woman's belt.

On Wall: Three of my paintings with a white buffalo medallion necklace, drum with bear design, fox styled dance mirror.

On Floor; Two small parfletches, rainbow beaded bag, tow cow horn rattles with beaded handles, old time small gourd rattle, two Southwest style gourd rattles, broom-brush doll, decorated young buffalo skull, conch with sage, on a decorated bear cape.

Upper Right: Buckskin dress with matching otter hair-ties and leggings, bone style dance plate, beaded moccasins, and crow style traditional woman's dance belt.

Plains man dress of ribbon shirt, bone breast plate and necklace , matching Shoshoni beaded harness with belt, leg-ties, and wrist bands, dance apron decorated front and back with otter tail ribbon work design, angora leggings, beaded moccasins. On floor is horse dance mirror, flute, beaded bag and wrist bands on top of deer-hide. On wall with paintings are beaded arm bands, arrows and beaded pipe-bag.

On floor is sage, beaded bone necklace, headband, baby mocs, little basket, sacred pipe, tipi mirror. On wall is bear claw necklace with painting. Plains woman wears beaded hair ties and matching necklace, also a choker, a headband, full blouse with conch belt and drag, and cream colored beaded buckskin skirt, matching beaded leggings and moccasins.

September 21 ONE DAY PEACE Julia Davis Park, Boise, Idaho

Setup at Park with Beautiful Starr at the
Emoto Water Booth.
Starr's daughter with my white wolf Dagnee.

October 1-November 15 Nampa Civic Center- The Epoch of the Peacemaker- Original Paintings of the series from the Peacemaker Epoch of the Haudenosaunee along with Iroquoian and woodland artifact display. Woodland Style, mostly Iroquois.