Earth Healing

Earth Healing

Rainbow Highway

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Original Oil 24 x 36

Limited Edition
Giclee 1000/SN
24 x 36 in. canvas

Limited Edition
Giclee 1000/SN
20 x 30 in. canvas

Limited Edition
Giclee 1000/SN
16 x 24 in. canvas

Large Print
11 x 14 inches
16 x 20 Matted

Small Print
8 x 10 inches
11 x 14 Matted

Greeting Card
5.5" X 9.5"

Art Work


The Rainbow Highway

Few in number but in earnest intent, Earth-Keepers gather on the Rainbow Mountain
to pray, to sing songs, and to drum the heartbeat of the Mother Earth,
bringing Her a message of hope and love.
Angels arrive. Angels care. Angels listening.
Invoking the Healing Light across the land and into the hearts of the Rainbow People.
Aligning the grids with the vortexes of Life Force to the Four Directions,
bringing into the Flower of Life Sacred Geometry active symmetry.
Angels watch. Angels inspire. Angels gifting.
Ley lines of Magnetic Life Energy appear as straight and narrow Rainbow Highways
across the receding landscape into the distant horizon
carrying the eyes of believers to unseen lands, now renewed in Sacred Ceremony.
Angels white. Angels bright. Angels lighting.
A touch by spirit, joy emerges, euphoria wells up, hue-mans are the Rainbow Warriors.
Lands speak, water cries, air embraces, fire embers balanced by the Spirit of Creation,
Keepers of the Earth unite over transparent high ways of friendship and covenantry.
Angels testify. Angels manifest. Angels transforming.
Mother Earth healing, Terra changing, Gaia becoming the Heavenly Rainbow Kingdom
As her children lift their singing voices from their prayerful hearts,
declaring Love, Joy, Harmony and Eternal Peace on Earth planetarily.
Angels transfixed. Angels mesmerized. Angels recalling.
The mountains shout, the trees clap their hands, and we all go out in Rainbow Promise
The way of the Peacemaker now acknowledged by the World
In golden accomplishments of Light Everlasting strengthened by eternity.
Angels pure. Angels defer. Angels delighting.

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