Earth Healing

Earth Healing

Full Moon Ceremony

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Original Oil 24 x 36

Limited Edition
Giclee 1000/SN
24 x 36 in. canvas

Limited Edition
Giclee 1000/SN
20 x 30 in. canvas

Limited Edition
Giclee 1000/SN
16 x 24 in. canvas

Large Print
11 x 14 inches
16 x 20 Matted

Small Print
8 x 10 inches
11 x 14 Matted

Greeting Card
5.5" X 9.5"

Art Work


Full Moon Ceremony

The unseen world of spirit manifests itself in the visions of the night,
first as orbs, then in the imagination of one who paints.
An early winter advisory dumps white crystals upon the land,
only to make it seem even more the airy fairy place of enchantment.
Is it Grandmother Moon or the Godmother of Fairyland,
who douses the faithful with miniature diamonds twinkling in the night?
Spirits haunt the mountain side, councils converge, long ago treks come to an end,
pain of loss and suffering of many moons terminate in the glow of love.
The power of the pipe brings peace and Rest to many lost souls,
while others yet guardians of the past, present, and future,
seek the human element to connect all that is to the grids of Creation,
perfection restoring the flow of Life Force to the Earth Mother herself.
Firelight plays the forever Warrior jousting in the darken night,
the shining example to all personhoods of valor,
enlightenment, protection in the ancient ways.
Warmth emitted throughout all if only in the path of commitment
to the Earth Mother, and all that are part of Her.
Instruments of love, vibration and tones, reminiscent of bygone eras,
lilt through the living darkness, giving comfort to all
while eliciting visions of long past effigies moving in concert
with the swaying motion of imagined dances.
Suddenly, the falling diamonds cease,
and the dancing lights make their way to the doorway in the sky,
and the night becomes once again.... Still….

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