Circle of Life Series: Eagles

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Golden Eagle Golden Eagle

The GOLDEN EAGLE in Native American tradition is the great warrior and hunter, the most highly respected and sacred of birds. Soaring high, he delivers prayers of The People to the Great Spirit, returning with gifts and visions. To many, he is the Keeper of the East from whence comes dawn and illumination of darkness. This Golden Eagle is surrounded by a symbolic Sacred Hoop, decorated with tipis and the moon. The Eagle's keen eyes see in all directions, knowing both future and past. Smoke from the sage and sweet grass seen hanging on the hoop, like the Eagle, carries messages to the Creator. Should a black tipped feather from the Golden Eagle fall to the earth, it must be claimed by one who is worthy of such a sacred and honored possession, such as a holy man, a warrior or a medicine man who would use it for healing.

War Eagle War Eagle

The WAR EAGLE, also called the Calumet Eagle was thought to be fiercer and more beautiful than the Golden Eagle. Early writers like Lewis, Clark and George Catlin felt it was a distinct species. Later writers, however, asserted that the War Eagle and the Golden Eagle were one and the same. Yesterday's War Eagle and today's Golden Eagle are regarded as the most sacred of the Winged Brothers. A fearless warrior and great hunter, he soars over the land with prayers on his wings. Small game know little refuge from his keen sight. Picture here is a War Eagle within a Sacred Hoop which is designed to portray the mountains and the sun which gives light and life. Sometimes he drops a feather as a gift to The People who will use it to bond to their brother in the sky. Fastened to a Medicine Wheel are tobacco, mescal beads and an arrowhead to represent spiritual and physical needs. Tied to the hoop with sacred cedar are the feather and an eagle bone whistle which carries the Breath of Life. Smoke from the cedar and tobacco purify the prayers they carry with the eagle to the Great Spirit.

Medicine Fan Medicine Fan

Medicine Fan - In Native America, the Eagle is legendary for his great spiritual power. He sees in all directions including past and future. He is the guardian and the carrier of prayers from The People to their Maker; prayers of thanksgiving for what the Creator has given; prayers for Mother Earth, all her beauty, resources, and her goodness; thanks for their own life and the divinity of life in all earth's living creatures; unselfish prayers for all of earth's people that they may know the Red Road and keep their foot steps on it. Pictured with the eagle is a Medicine Fan, made of twelve black tipped tail feathers. Around its base are several plumes. If you look at the fan closely, you will see a medicine man sending prayers with smoke and the Eagle. The handle of the fan is beaded with many designs, each representing a different prayer. It is a conduit of the power of the Eagle to hand of its wielder. It is used in the prayers, blessings, ceremonies and healing of the Creator's children.

Eagle Feather Eagle Feather

The Eagle Feather is a highly prized possession. It has many different uses for Native American People. It is the Center of Life - very sacred and close to the Red Road. It is used for medicinal and religious ceremonies. It is a symbol of honor. No Prayer is complete without the presence of eagle feathers. The greatest gift or reward one might receive or give in life, is a white with black tip tail feather of the Golden Eagle. The more white on the feather, the greater the honor and spiritual Power. I, as an Indian, pray for the right to wear the Highest Badge of Courage, an Eagle feather or feathers, and I pray also to never misuse them. I know they will cleanse my soul and make may heart pure. I hold the Eagle feather in highest esteem. To dance with the Eagle feathers flowing in perfect rhythm with the Drum and the Universe, give one a natural high and a glorious, happy feeling. You can feel the Earth and the Spirit of the Eagle in Flight. Your feet and heart are light as a feather as you dance for your own pleasure and to please your Maker.

- Kennesatah