Earth Healing

Earth Healing

Calling In The Dragons

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Original Oil 24 x 36

Limited Edition
Giclee 1000/SN
24 x 36 in. canvas

Limited Edition
Giclee 1000/SN
20 x 30 in. canvas

Limited Edition
Giclee 1000/SN
16 x 24 in. canvas

Large Print
11 x 14 inches
16 x 20 Matted

Small Print
8 x 10 inches
11 x 14 Matted

Greeting Card
5.5" X 9.5"

Art Work


The Magic of the Spirit World
Calling in the Dragons

Dragons, the mystical, powerful presence of elusive lore,
or the New Age Portal Keepers and Teachers,
or the actual energy forces that operate ecosystems,
come at the invitation of the Earth Keepers.
Ceremony at the top of Cottonwood Mountain was held for the healing of the land, the waters, the air, and the fire of inner earth.
At this call, the dragons came from the portals,
from the inter-dimensions, and from the land itself to participate. Thousands arrived, waiting patiently while the earth was cleared,
then healed, and finally given the opportunity to go within the earth
to balance the liquid fire beneath the mountain’s feet.
Scientists who have been studying the magma
under Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood, have theorized
that all sit on the same magnificent underground lava flow.
If this is true, that flow would extend down into Oregon and Mt. Cottonwood, and Mt. Lookout,
could easily be part of this extended fire pit.
Whatever the purpose, the dragons came.
And they demanded to participate,
to add their energies and their special gifts to the ceremony,
whose purpose was to restore balance
to the fragile draconian ecosystems of the Earth.
Healing energies were sent to all living;
the two legged, the four legged, the winged, the creepy-crawly, the plant people, the stone people, the medicine herb people.
All were included in the never ending flow of Love
with intentional prayers for the waking up of hue-manity
to the living world around them,
to the necessity of creating a new way of doing things
in order to preserve all sacred life
and to stop the demands of greedy consumption of today
from robbing the potential abundance of all our tomorrows.
Life is in the balance. What will we decide?
Will we continue to turn our beautiful blue planet
into the garbage heap of the solar system,
or will we instead choose to live in peace and harmony
and create the Great Civilization of Prophecy?
The choice is ours.

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