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The Lost

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Original Oil 24 x 36

Limited Edition
Giclee 1000/SN
24 x 36 in. canvas

Limited Edition
Giclee 1000/SN
20 x 30 in. canvas

Limited Edition
Giclee 1000/SN
16 x 24 in. canvas

Large Print
11 x 14 inches
16 x 20 Matted

Small Print
8 x 10 inches
11 x 14 Matted

Greeting Card
5.5" X 9.5"

Art Work


The Lost

Mother Earth weeps for her children who will never more roam her lands. Spirits of disappearing life surround her in this hour of need. Her verdant green gown no longer serves her as the abundance of many past ages, now the earth is covered with drought and loss. Blue of the spirit plants, brown of the spirit animals cries from the ground for salvation, and none come. Man is the only animal who destroys because he can.

Man is the only animal who takes and takes to fill his desire of more and more. Man. And his kind.

Man is the only animal who is greedy, seeks self-promotion, and lives with more than he needs. Man. And his kind.

While the life around him pays the consequences, whether it is the four legged, the winged, or the plant life once so abundant... or the poor among the race of man. Those who are innocent of the destruction, pays the cost.

As their souls Cry. Many who can hear, cry also.

Falk Island Fox Extinct 1876 Racer Snake
Australian Snake
Madagascar blind snake
Titaniboa Snake
Bubal Hartbeest Extinct Egyptian 1923 Guam Flying Fox
Dusky Flying Fox
Large Palau Flying Fox
Small Mauritian Flying Fox
Snow Leopard Endangered Yangtze River Baji Blind Dolphin Extinct China Fresh Water
Giant Panda Endangered China Sea Mink Extinct
Addax Extinct Black Rhino Endangered
Crowned Solitary Eagle Extinct Thomasonii Gazelle Extinct
Cuban Red McCaw Extinct 1900 hunted Schomburgks Deer extinct 1932 hunting
Florida Panther Extinct Toothback Wallabe
Cresent nail-tail Wallabe
Extinct 1943
Extinct 1956
Pyrenean Ibex Extinct Saiga antelope Extinct in wild
African Wild Dog Extinct Barbary Lion
Marsupial Lion
Persian Lion
Extinct Africa 1922
Extinct Australia
Extinct Bible
Dehole Endangered in SE Asia Passenger Pigeon extinct 19th century
White Footed Rabbit Rat Extinct 1857 Australia Quagga Extinct by poaching1883
Caribbean Monk Seal
Hawaiian Monk Seal
Extinct 1952
Mexican Grizzly
California Grizzly
Hudson Bay Ungava Grizzly
Extinct 1945
Desert Kangaroo Rat
Giant kangaroo Rat
Extinct Austrailia
Endangered California
Dodo Bird Extinct 17th century
Arakan Forest Turtle Extinct Myanmar Java Tiger
Bali Tiger
Caspian Persian Tiger
Extinct 1972
extinct 1937
Extinct 1950's
Golden Toad Extinct Abatross Extinct

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