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(I am thankful to see you are well)

In this site is Original Art Work by Marcine.
The originals are in the mediums of oil, acrylic, and graphite (or pencil). Limited editions, art prints and posters, color and graphite reproductions and giclee' prints on paper and canvas are offered.

It is my desire to share with all peoples, the beauty of the Native American, the Culture, and the Spiritual Ways. It is my hope that you will learn, discover, and enjoy the presentations here in. In this way, our world becomes smaller and our understanding of one another increased.

Nyawehn U-kay-onas-soh
(Thank you my relatives)
(until we meet again)
"Niyawenhsie" (In Divine Order)


On September 18, 2016, my van was stolen. We recovered the van but not the art. 33 Original paintings were taken and 5 complete sets of regalia and all my Native American Ceremonial items that I had with me.

This art is the culmination of 20 years of painting. I am 69. I do not have another 20 years to put together a body of work like this.

Please click here, to  see these Items.

$1000 has been gifted to me as a reward leading to any information that returns my life work to me.

I feel for the people who took these items. I have called for the medicine in these items to be activated AND to return to me so that I may have them on behalf of the people that I work with on my tours. These people obviously do not know the dangers of taking Native American items.. ESPECIALLY MEDICINE ITEMS. I have heard of stories where people get very very sick.. even mentally ill or have died suddenly... I do not wish these people harm. I just want my life work back.. thank you.
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